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The region has 6,023 active companies, 10,296 self-employed persons and 43 cooperatives, employing 129,750 people in total, i.e. 14.5 % of all employed Slovenians.
The net value-added per employee in the region amounts to € 29,700 and is below Slovenian average.

Within the region, micro enterprises lead the field with a number of 5,510, small enterprises amount to 339 and medium-sized to 95. However, the 79 large enterprises in total have the largest influence on the economic picture in Podravska region. They employ 27,200 people and achieve 45 % net sales revenues amongst all companies in the region.

As in the previous years, the most important field remains the processing industry, judging by employment numbers as well as net sales revenues. Companies from this field employ 41% of all workers and result in 41% of all net sales revenues. According to these criteria, the strongest communities of the region are Maribor, Ptuj and Slovenska Bistrica.

The region is predominantly export-oriented, as its export accounts for 11 % of the national export and the import for 9 % of the national import. Export is oriented mainly towards the countries of the EU (80% of export in Podravje), former Yugoslavia (13% of export in Podravje) and others.
Maribor is the 2nd largest city in Slovenia and the second most important cultural, educational and entrepreneurial centre housing the second largest Slovenian university (23,430 students), as well as many faculties and educational centres. It prides itself with its distinct cultural institutions: the Slovenian national theatre (Slovensko narodno gledališče), built in 1852, the Regional museum, several galleries, the Cultural centre Narodni dom with its renowned annual cultural events, and many more. Maribor and its surrounding regions offer many opportunities for tourists, for example farm tourism, wine routes, wellness centres, health resorts, as well as the mountain range Pohorje with many inviting summer and winter activities.

Moreover, Maribor is an important traffic centre. A modern highway network efficiently connects the West with the East (Barcelona-Kiev, fifth corridor) and the North with the South (highway from Northern Europe to the Adriatic Sea, the Phyrn highway). Maribor also has an international airport, located a few kilometres from the city centre.

Source: AJPES 2008
                  CCIS 2008


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